“Where are you located, what’s your email and telephone numbers?”


See our contact us page.


“How long does shipping take?”


Please see our shipping page.


“How is the shipping cost determined?”


The shipping rates are exactly what you pay to our courier; we have not added any extras to this cost as it is not our core business.


“Can we arrange our own courier?”


We would prefer you to use our courier, but, if you like, we will pre-authorise you to use your own courier.


“Where do you ship to?”


Please see our shipping page for zones depending on the product range. We do not ship supplements outside of South Africa.


“Why buy from us?”


We supply a service that is fast and convenient. We might not be the cheapest, but you can rest assured that our products are of the highest quality.


“Do we have stock?”


In order to be 100% sure, contact us directly. Keep in mind that we might have 10 items that you are looking for in stock, and then receive an order which depletes the stock, in that case, we would need to place an order from our suppliers. Stock can be replenished in a day or two, depending on whether or not we need to import products, which could take up to 6 weeks.

“I have not received my product?”


Once the goods are shipped, you will receive a waybill which you can trace on the courier’s website. If you have not received the goods within 3 days after the waybill was issued, please contact us immediately or contact the courier to inquire about the delivery.


“Can I return my goods?”


The return of goods will be on your account, and must be in the same state as when you received them. Goods that were damaged in transit will be taken up with the courier. We will ensure that the goods are packed in such a way that they do not get damaged. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.


“Are the goods the real thing or fake?”


All our goods are original goods, the brand names sold are from the original manufacture, and we have been authorized to resell them. The supplements are 100% original, there are no fake goods in our shop. We guarantee quality or your money back.


“How do I pay for the products?”


You can pay for your order via EFT or direct deposit into our account. We don’t use payment gateways because of the 8% they charge, which may  increase the costs of your order. EFT is the safest payment method as it is safe and secure, the bank also sends us a confirmation message so that we can know that the payment is legit. You can pay via credit cards too via PayPal but, you will receive the goods  only when the funds are cleared into our account. Contact us should you require this service and we will invoice you accordingly via Paypal.


“What reference do I use when making a payment?”


Our first search is the order number which must always be used and reflects well on your statement. You may add your initials and surname if you like, but the order number must be there. Remember to change the reference to the order number every time you pay us for orders so as to not confuse the reference number.


“Are these the only products?”


If you require a product, or colour/flavour variation that is not on our site, contact us directly to source this for you.


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