AWT Weight Loss Program


AWT Weight Loss Program designed differently for each individual to reach there goal weights, meal plans, lifestyle changes, supplement suggestions


AWT Weight Loss Program

We want to assist you to lose the weight, we want to ensure you get rid of it and keep it off.

This product will provide you with:

  • a full support structure enabling the AWT Weight Loss Program to ensure you eating the right foods for your lifestyle, Diet don’t work! The 70% nutrition and the 30% gym is our big belief
  • we will assess your calories in, and assist you with lessening your calorie intake and assist you with the right shakes to replace meals, the right supplements to drink to burn away fat and lesson the water you retain in your body.
  • we will assess your calorie burning effects, whether it be in the gym, at home and in your daily routine.
  • we will assess your weight loss weekly and provide you with a step by step guide weekly on how to lose the weight based on the centimetres you send us weekly.
  • we will suggest different eating plans for you, we will suggest supplements to take to lose weight and we will assess the effects weekly to ensure you lose the weight.


This is a goal solution, not a magic solution, you not going to be thin in the first week, but, together, we will work out a plan to meet your goal


Once you have purchased the product, we will mail you the forms to complete and start right away, not only on Monday, right away.


We will talk to you weekly via mail, you will assess yourself and send us info weekly so we can adjust where needed and ensure you losing the weight.


We will get you back onto your goal weight guaranteed.


Weight loss incentives are coming your way if you manage to lose the weight and reach your milestones. 


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