Supashape Ultra CLA


Supashape Ultra CLA inhibits the activity of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that transfers fat from the bloodstream to fat cells supporting weight loss


 Supashape Ultra CLA

Ultra CLA by Supashape is a naturally occurring fatty acid which is highly effective for weight management. It helps to reshape the body in as little as eight to 12 weeks, when combined with a nutritious diet and exercise programme. It helps with fat reduction and the building of muscle.

Supashape Ultra CLA

CLA inhibits the activity of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that transfers fat from the bloodstream to fat cells. As a result, the transportation of fatty acids into fat cells is inhibited and body fat accumulation is blocked. It also stimulates the breakdown of stored body fat and increases the actual disintegration of fat cells, resulting in fewer fat cells in the body.


Each serving contains the following active ingredients

80% Conjugated Linoleic Acid 3 000mg

Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA is calculated on a 2 000 calorie intake for a 70kg person. Please consult the packaging for any RDA’s relating to this product.

Storage Instructions

To maintain product freshness, store away from direct sunlight in a cool (<25ºC), dry place and keep pack tightly sealed.

Dosage Directions for Supashape Ultra CLA

For optimal fat reduction and increased lean muscle benefits, consume 3000mg of CLA daily in conjunction with a nutritious, low-fat diet. As a dietary supplement, consume 1-2 soft gels with morning and evening meals, for a total of 3 x 1000 mg soft gels daily. Or use as recommended by your nutritional advisor. For best results combine supplementation of Supashape’s Ultra CLA with Supashape’s Diet Whey Meal Replacement and an exercise program and calorie controlled diet that is low in fat and sugars. Drink a minimum of 2-3 litres of fluid per day. Read the entire label before use and follow the instructions.


None. Manufactured in a factory that uses peanuts & tree nuts.

Other Information

Use this product as a food supplement only and consume in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training program. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition for weight reduction. Only effective as part of an energy controlled, balanced diet.

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